4 Amazing Strains to Help You Get a Restful Sleep

There are nights when sleep just wouldn’t come and when it does, you still wake up feeling unrested and groggy. For insomniacs, this is something they came to expect every night. Working individuals who have trouble sleeping at night find this experience very inconvenient and demotivating as it greatly reduces energy and work performance. If you are tired of waking up still feeling exhausted, you might want to try these 4 awesome cannabis strains:

God’s Gift

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the cannabinoid that enables a relaxing slumber and God’s Gift has a rich level of this compound. An average bud has 18% THC, but it can reach as high as 24.6%. With a citrus-like flavor and aroma, this strain offers a delicious and calming experience for insomnia sufferers. Other issues that it can help address includes pain, anxiety and nausea, making this variety truly a gift.

Cookie Jar

If you are looking for a type that satisfies your sweet tooth without the hype brought by sugar, Cookie Jar is perfect for you. With 22% to 24% THC content, ingesting this can surely give you the tranquil sleep you are looking for. The best thing about this strain is its sweet flavor, making it a versatile one. You can taste the sugary goodness with just a hit, or you can mix it with your batch of candies, cookies or brownies.

Gorilla Glue # 4

Commonly referred to as GG4, this variety is known for its highest recorded THC content, amounting to 32%. What’s amazing is despite its high THC content; this type is sativa-dominant. While it has lots of the body high-inducing compound, it retained its sativa properties. This is guaranteed to give you a body and brain high, letting you sleep peacefully and wake up energized.

OG Kush

For those looking for a more old-school experience, OG Kush should be your go-to strain. This has the signature aroma typically found in cannabis, letting you encounter the traditional marijuana experience. It has 22% to 27% THC, which makes it great for getting a good night’s rest.

Nothing beats getting the best sleep every night. With these 4 cannabis strains, you are sure to achieve the slumber that lets you enjoy your downtime at night while also allowing you to wake up ready to take on every obstacle the day will throw your way.

Author: Carrie Sze