A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Peer pressure and boredom can be really bad for the human psyche. How many times as a result of these have you done things which a- you weren’t particularly proud of and b- landed you in serious trouble? You are not alone. There are a lot of people and websites which give you information which might at the time make you feel like you can’t wait to try it out, but they don’t really need to be true. And hey, it’s not like they’re at fault. People desperate to sell their item will try anything without giving a single thought about your medical well-being.

People selling you stuff to smoke, may it be cannabis, kratom, or any other amazing sounding thing don’t usually smoke it themselves, and they usually reiterate what they might’ve heard or read about it. The question is, can you really rely on that second-hand information? Are you willing to risk your life on it? In other words, would you rather be dumb enough to try something you heard from someone or would you rather try something which you know is proven to be foolproof?

You’re better than this

Hey, we all know that fantasies are overrated. Not to mention, unsafe, and sometimes, might cost you more than you think, and not just in terms of money. You know better. Similarly, smoking mary jane after reading about it from a trashy website isn’t really going to get you the high that you desire, it might as well land you in the abysmal pit of health problems. Like marijuana, there’s a lot of info about ways of smoking kratom. Some of it is mental, the other dangerous, and some of it is just simply wrong. There is a difference between real information and hippie shit.

Our choices in life define us

Would you rather go to a stranger advertising his product for advice on how to smoke it, or how to get to detox your body before a drug test, or would you rather want a real information hub, with real-time users and their reviews, and people to corroborate and certify their experiences? One such info haven is OuchClub.com where you can get all the related trivia about how to smoke, how to detox, and most importantly, how to do it safely.