About to ‘do it’ for the first time?

Whether you’re about to lose your virginity or about to have sex with a new partner, you can benefit from the first-time sex tips we’ve listed below.

Sex is an exciting idea for all, but it can be tinged with nervousness if you are a virgin. The idea of having sex for the first time without disappointing your partner or doing it all wrong – it can scare you!

Read on for some first-time sex tips to help you relax and prepare:

1 Things are about to get awkward. Far from the magical, euphoric ride that first time sex is depicted in the movies, it can actually be a really awkward experience. You are not familiar with each other’s bodies or the sounds you make during sex. But it’s natural to fumble and feel awkward – the point is to explore each other towards a meaningful end. It helps if your partner is sexually experienced – let them lead and you can enjoy while you learn.

2 Laugh, talk and make eye contact. Things don’t need to get hot and heavy in just a few minutes of starting sex. It takes time for the body to relax and then warm up enough for the final move. You can go slow and easy since it’s your first time, whispering to each other and even smiling and laughing when things get awkward. The point is to enjoy each other’s company rather than fixate only on the act.

3 Don’t do it without a condom. This is, by far, the most important first-time sex tip we can give you. Even if it’s your first time and you want to experience your partner fully, always have sex with a condom on. A condom reduces your chances of getting a sexual infection and you will also relax knowing that you are protected against an unwanted pregnancy. Try a thin condom from Durex to get the most natural skin-on-skin feeling during sex.

4 Set boundaries about what you will not do.Sex is all about experimentation and having fun, but it is also about being comfortable with what you’re doing. If your partner suggests bondage on the very first occasion of having sex, then you might be a little shocked and might not want to do it. You might even be averse to filming the act. Whatever your reservations, make them gently known to your partner and do not proceed with anything that you are not comfortable with. A frank discussion about what you will and will not do helps.

5 Pick a time and place where you will be undisturbed.Sex is a divine experience, and you will never again experience the thrill of doing it for the first time. Enjoying it fully is important. Here’s an important first-time sex tip: pick a location and time where you are certain that you will not be disturbed. First time sex can take a long time, even hours, and you don’t want any interruptions during this magical time.