Are you equipped to deal with swine flu?

Though not considered a dangerous pandemic any more, you need to exercise certain precautions when dealing with swine flu. We present swine flu prevention techniques.

Swine flu was considered a human pandemic several years ago. Today, it is not as fearsome as it used to be, but it is still a serious illness to deal with. Yet, with the right swine flu prevention steps, you can stave off the illness or deal with it in a better way.

What is swine flu?

There are several misconceptions about swine flu. At its simplest, it is an illness that originates from pigs infected with the H1N1 strain of the virus. Pigs can transmit the virus to other pigs as well as to humans in close proximity with them. The virus can spread when the pigs or human being inhale the droplets of infected pigs who are wheezing or sneezing. Pigs show symptoms like fatigue, disinterest in food, listlessness, burning fever, wheezing, breathless, etc.

Swine flu is then transmitted from human to human in the same way that it is transmitted from pigs to humans. In human beings, it shows symptoms like cold, hacking cough, high fever, breathing distress, headache and even body pain. In severe cases, the illness can cause vomiting and a painfully sore throat. However, the illness is not fatal if detected early and diagnosed correctly. In India, the symptoms of swine flu are treated with the Tamiflu tablets.

So how can you keep safe from it?

Sadly, conventional medicine does not have a cure for swine flu. So it is imperative to maintain good personal hygiene for swine flu prevention. Good personal hygiene entails keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, and also ensuring that infected persons do not come in contact with you. Stay away from people infected with the virus, as also persons who handle pigs for a living. If you are unsure about who is infected with swine flu, wear a protective mask to keep yourself safe.

* Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.The first line of swine flu prevention involves keeping the hands free of germs that cause swine flu. You might inadvertently touch a surface that has been coughed or sneezed upon. Wash your hands at least 7 to 8 times a day with a good antibacterial soap to kill the germs.

* Make hand sanitiser your friend. You might not always have access to soap and water, especially when you’re in a meeting or commuting using public transport. So, using hand sanitiser can help you keep your hands clean even on the go.

* Clean surfaces that are touched by many hands. A family member may contract the infection and inadvertently touch different surfaces in the house. Clean all these surfaces by wiping with an antibacterial wipe. These surfaces include landline or mobile phones, door handles, toilet flush knob, taps, kitchen counters, refrigerator door, etc.