Benefits Of Silk For Health And Well Being

Well-Known Is For All; The So Pleasant Sensation Of The Silk Fabric Caressing The Skin, Producing Multicolored Reflections In The Light Of The Sun And Moving In A Vaporous Way When Walking Enveloping The Forms Of Our Body. Being Able To Wear Dresses Were Made With The Best Silks Or Sleep In A Bed Covered With Sheets Of This Splendid Fabric Have Always Been Considered As Luxury Experiences.

The Need To Pamper Us And Let Us Take Care Has Created A Fashionable Tendency To Look For Experiences And Products That Give Us A A Feeling Of Well-Being And A Relaxing Sensation, Not Only In The Clothes That We Buy But Also The One That Dresses Our Home.

The Science Of Silk Thread

But Beyond The Fashions And The Suppositions, There Are Scientific Reasons That Show Us That Our Body And Mind Are Wise And Know What Is Best For Us When We Identify Silk As A Special And Perfect Genre To Become An Autoregal. Here We Detail The Natural Properties Of Silk That Justify It:

  • Anti-Bacterial: Silk Yarn Has Very Resistant Properties To Mites And Bacteria, Does Not Produce Odors Or Absorb Dust. Therefore, For People With Sensitive Skin, Dry Or Easily Irritated Or Even Allergic To Synthetic Fabrics, Products Made With Natural Silk Are The Most Recommended For Your Health.
  • Breathable: The Proteins That Make Up The Silk Give It A Structure That Absorbs Heat And Moisture And Transfers It, Making The Skin Breathe And Stay Fresh.
  • Thermo-Regulator: The Woven Silk Threads Perform A Function Of Temperature Regulation Through The Air That Moves Within The Space Between Wires.
  • Anti-Static : The Composition Of Silk, Unlike Synthetic Fabrics, Allows It Not To Be Loaded With Static Energy And Does Not Produce The Unpleasant Sensations Of A Synthetic Fabric When This Energy Is Passed To Our Skin.
  • Extra Comfortable: Silk Is The Finest Natural Fiber, Flexible And Light, Which Facilitates The Movement Of The Fabric And Adaptability To Our Body.
  • 100% Natural: The Nature Of The Silk Is Strong, Resistant And Elastic But At The Same Time, It Has Natural Components That Make It Pleasant To The Touch, Providing A Relaxing And Fresh Effect.

Let Yourself Be Enveloped By The Walls Covered With Spectacular Designs Of Fabrics That Will Transport You To The Gremial Era, Where The Old Knitters And Needles Moved By Expert Hands Gave Shape To The Needs Of Regale Sumptuousness.