This is an electric device which uses a DNA Chip for vape users. It’s a device that electronically stimulates a smoking feeling. It uses an e-liquid of the user’s favorite flavor usually with a content of nicotine. It works by firing the e-liquid filled in it to produce a vapor that the smoker inhales. It allows refilling by allowing the user to see through a window how much of the e-liquid is remaining in the tank. The tank is designed for the user to enjoy its constituents for at least a day. The liquid doesn’t leak once refilled. This is good to control wastage.

The firing system on the pod is made to get its power from an inbuilt battery, rechargeable using a USB cable provided with the pod. It is also made to last at least a day. The pod’s features make it reliable and durable for a good user’s experience. It allows the user to configure his/her own setting on the flow of air that will satisfy his/her mouth to lung vape or a direct lung vape. Now, what makes it more interesting is, once you have customized your settings on the Lost Vape Orion, you activate the replay mode to allow you to use your setting for the next vape. The replay mode is simply activated by holding the adjustment button down turning the LED indicator green. This offers consistent puffs of vapor with your flavor, extending the lifespan of the pod by extending the battery life. This feature also becomes remarkable for preventing dry hits during firing.

The pod is simple to carry around. Depending on the battery capacity of the pod, some can allow an approximate of 450 Puffs to 400 puffs before the battery runs out. This can be approximately a period of 2 weeks lifespan without recharging. To set the power level of the pod, it has three color indicator that is, white for low power, blue for medium and red for high power levels. By pressing the adjustment button once, switches or selects the power level of your choice. Battery level is indicated pressing the fire button twice in 1 second. A red blink shows the battery is about to die, therefore, 15%- 0%. Red with no blink 30% to 15%. Yellow 70% to 30%. Green for 95%-70% while white indicating battery level of 100% to 95%. This aids the user to have an estimate of how many puffs are remaining before it goes out. The user hence, able to standardly use it.

Orion allows the use of two different types of replacement pods. One for regular vaping while the other for flavor vaping. Each of these is sold separately allowing 2ml of the user’s favorite e-liquid. This device is the best in the market with advanced chipset feature. During its purchase, it has a Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Kit, micro USB charging cable, an Orion Lanyard, and a user’s guidance manual. For quality services, the user is advised to read the manual well for long-term services.