Breast Augmentation: Raw Silicone Injections and Dangers

Unfortunately, many women are just born with tiny breasts, and often after pregnancy women wish to have fuller breasts too. As a result, women all over the world find themselves in underground ‘clinics’ which is a very risky alternative — one that could endanger their health. When having plastic surgery, it is essential that your plastic surgeon meets the requirements needed to administer the procedure. Your surgeon SHOULD be a board-certified plastic surgeon who can verify that he/she has completed the training, requirements and ethical standards.

Off-Label Injections

Countless reports of off-label items injected into the breast are turning up daily —from raw silicone, tire sealant, cement to synthetic oils. All of these items are dangerous and can lead to death.

An unfortunate perfect example of a botched boob job is Amy, a woman with severe breast problems due to raw silicone injections into her breasts. Her breasts began hardening which caused her severe pain. Due to the severity of her botched breast injections, the silicone that was embedded in her breast and scar tissue had to be removed. The silicone that’s injected will cause hardness and pain around the breast because it makes your body build scar tissue. STAY AWAY from silicone injections, as it can lead to complication and increase your chances of breast cancer.

Think About the Consequences

It is critical that you understand what material will be placed in your body and what is involved in the type of procedure you want to get. Always think about what consequences can come from raw silicone injections. The time it takes to remove silicone injections and then perform breast augmentation to reshape the breasts takes around 3-4 hours. In Amy’s case, her surgery consisted of four significant steps:

  • Incision
  • Silicone injection removal
  • Re-sizing
  • Inserting silicone implants

This removal of raw silicone injections and a second breast augmentation can cost thousands; thus, you should always consider the consequences. If you’re interested in enhancing or reshaping the fullness of your breasts ensure that you go to an experienced, reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Rodney Cooter at Waverley House; breast augmentation clinic Adelaide. Never go to a clinic just because you know someone who has had success there! Do your research and ask questions.

Think Ahead

As you are in the process of considering different means of breast enhancement, remember that fillers may not cause you damage today or even tomorrow, but they may cause catastrophic damage down the road. If they do, this could mean complete removal of the injectable as well as depressed tissue.

The only injectable material that should be used for breast augmentation is the use of your body’s fat. Other medical injectables like raw silicone, cement and tire sealant are not FDA-approved for the breasts and not recommended.

If you are looking for breast enlargement, ensure that you find a trained, board-certified plastic surgeon who will use medically proven augmentation practices to help you safely enhance the fullness and size of your breasts.