Caring for Your Lips after a Filler Treatment

Congratulations! You made the decision to get lip fillers. Now you need to ensure that you take proper care of your lips so that you can enjoy your new lips for as long as possible.

Your clinician will provide you with your own aftercare instructions but here are a few extra tips that might come in handy after your lip filler appointment.

5. Simple Lip Filler Aftercare Tips

  1. Take steps to reduce swelling

A cold compress will help with swelling after your lip filler treatment but it will always really help if you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. To reduce swelling even further, stick to nutrient-rich foods and avoid any heavy activities or exercise for at least two days after your lip filler treatment. It’s also recommended that you refrain from taking any medications or supplements that might thin your blood and that you stop smoking.

  1. How your lips look after your treatment is not the final result

It’s important not to panic about the size of your lips after your treatment or to expect your lips to stay this full. Once the swelling subsides over the next few days, you will gradually start to see the final results of your lip filler treatment. Having realistic expectations is key and it’s important to remember that you may require several treatments before you’re able to achieve your desired result.

  1. Don’t fly too soon after your lip filler treatment

If possible, it’s best to avoid flying internationally for at least two weeks after your injectable treatment. This gives your lips a chance to heal and will ensure that you’re close to a lip injections clinic such as Face Today Mediclinic in Cairns should you have a reaction to the fillers – this is very uncommon though unless collagen fillers are used.

  1. Your lips will need time to settle

If you’ve chosen to receive lip fillers before a major event such as a wedding, it’s best to give your lips at least 3 – 4 weeks to settle to ensure you look perfect on the big day. Most professionals recommend scheduling your treatments at least a month to 6 weeks before any major events. Everyone reacts differently to injectable treatments such as fillers so keep this in mind during your planning.

  1. Schedule a review appointment with your cosmetic clinic

Most reputable cosmetic clinics will encourage you to schedule a review appointment 2 weeks after your lip filler treatment. It’s recommended that you take advantage of this so that your doctor can check that the fillers are settling correctly and that there are no unwanted side effects. However, if you’ve selected a CPCA-certified doctor who uses top-quality products and the latest technology, there really is no reason why you should be experiencing any side effects over and above some mild redness and bruising. If at any time in the days following your treatment you become concerned about side effects, get in touch with your doctor right away.