Cataract Surgery vs LASIK eye surgery

You will be treated with cataract or LASIK, the final decision rests with your eye doctor. Here a comparison and short description are presented of both cataract and LASIK.

Cataract eye surgery and LASIK are not alternative to each other, both are different medical procedures performed for different reasons. Keeping this fact in view, LASIK is the most better procedure as it reaps more benefits and does not require any stitches or bandages but it depends on either it is the solution of your problem or not.

Cataract eye surgery:

Cataract is fogginess around the lens of the eye which results mostly in blurred vision and sometimes in complete loss of vision. It cannot be cured by LASIK or contact lenses or simply glasses. It is only cured by cataract eye surgery in which cloudy lens is removed and is replaced with new lens also called intraocular lens, to see clearly. Most cataracts occur due to aging and are characterized by clouded vision, dim colors, and poor eyesight.

Cataract surgery usually lasts for one-hour maximum and the eye is healed within a month, after surgery you most probably won’t require any glasses.  It is a painless procedure and you don’t need to be hospitalized for chronic check-ups. In this surgery, a cut is made in front using a laser beam then some material in put in to break the cataract which is then suctioned out after breakage. Later on, the lens of plastic or silicon or acrylic are put in and the cut is closed. In case you are having cataracts in both eyes then two surgeries are done which are both a few weeks apart. Side effects are reported but are likely to be reduced due to more advanced technologies being used. Some side effects which may arise include swelling, bleeding, sensitivity to an eye infection, drooping eyes, accumulation of fluid inside eye etc.

The eye is fully healed after eight weeks and preventions must be taken during those weeks. You must consult a doctor as soon as you feel any problem in your eyes.

LASIK refractive corneal surgery

A very efficient method of vision correction is LASIK. You may love to have it if you are not willing to use glasses or lenses anymore due to any reason. At LASIK San Antonio professional eye doctors are eager to help you see better without any difficulty. LASIK is a refractive corneal surgery, in this surgery cornea which is in front of the eye is reshaped or smoothened so that light passes and focuses well on the retina of the eye which is at the back of the eye. It is used to correct basically three problems; nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This is performed by qualified ophthalmologists. About 96% of patients are reported to have a clearer vision after LASIK surgery. A flap is cut on the eye and cool laser beam is passed which reshapes the cornea. It is either smoothened/flattened or made steeper based on the requirements. Irregularly shaped cornea resulting in astigmatism is also shaped perfectly using this method.

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