Choose Lethbridge Crowns and Teeth Whitening Completed By A Dentist

Are you considering having dental work done on your teeth, such as a bridge or crown? It is worth noting that replacement teeth do not whiten. Therefore, get your dentist to whiten your teeth prior to inserting Lethbridge crowns. If you suddenly notice that your teeth are no longer as brilliant white as they were before, due to natural yellowing or food stains, then perhaps you should consider teeth whitening. Below are additional facts about teeth crowning and whitening.

Teeth Crowning

Lethbridge crowns are fitted on teeth, as they help strengthen damaged teeth, which allows them to function properly and normally again. Since most crowns used today are crafted using high-tech porcelains, they remain virtually identical to natural teeth. Dentists can even design them to improve the original appearance of teeth.

Other materials can be used, as well, besides the conventional porcelain, depending on what specific qualities are considered most important. When durability is a major consideration, then cast gold is an excellent choice. However, it would not be the most aesthetically appealing choice, especially in the front of your mouth. If you want to discover the numerous options available for you, then you should not hesitate to inquire about the pros and cons of each option.

Crowning, also popularly known as tooth capping, takes 2-3 visits. During the first visit, preparation shall be done on your tooth to enable it to receive the new crown. The process begins by shaping the tooth so that it fits in the covering. The process involves drilling the tooth until it becomes uniformly shaped. If your dentist discovers that there is little structure on your tooth to begin with, then he might be forced to build it up using filling material.

Once your tooth has been prepared, your teeth impressions shall be taken using putty-like materials, but in some instances, it might be taken digitally. With these impressions, models of your teeth are created to suit the crown.

Before your dentist allows you to leave his office, he will attach a temporary crown to act as protection until a permanent set of crowns are ready. During your second visit, your permanent crowns will be affixed to your teeth using resin or a special kind of permanent cement.

Teeth Whitening

White teeth will certainly put lots of brilliance in your smile. Furthermore, your sparkling white smile will radiate success, health, and happiness. This partly explains why most individuals are constantly seeking services related to teeth whitening. While the procedure can be completed at home using home remedies, the best results with the potential of lasting the longest time can only be realized by the dental practitioners.

Your teeth will look their whitest immediately after professional teeth whitening treatment is completed by a competent dentist. Even so, stains accumulate after a while. The rate at which you will acquire stains depends on if, and how often you drink coffee, smoke, or consume drinks and foods that are known to stain teeth. Over time, you might notice your teeth fade slowly and return to their original colour. This normally happens over the span of a year. If you want to ensure that your teeth always look their whitest, it is advisable that you re-treat your smile every six months. Remember to have the treatment completed during your scheduled professional teeth cleaning.

When you choose to engage a competent dental practitioner, you can be sure that procedures like the insertion of Lethbridge crowns and teeth whitening shall be done safely and properly. This provides even more reasons why you should contact the renowned dentists to handle your dental procedures.