Criteria for egg donation: Consider the physical but look beyond that

Women who are interested in donating their eggs so that another woman can become a mother will have to ensure they meet the criteria for egg donation. It is imperative that women who are considering this option fully understand what the process is like and ensure they can go through the process without any issues.

Many women focus on the physical attributes and characteristics for the egg donation, but they also need to think about how the process will affect them emotionally. If you are considering egg donation, you should consider all of the criteria for egg donation that you will encounter.

Physical attributes

The physical attributes that women need include having two functioning ovaries and a proportional height and weight ratio. They also need to be between 20 and 28 years old. There can’t be any history of substance abuse in the person’s life. No smoking is allowed and only social drinking is allowed.

On top of those, the women who want to become egg donors need to have some college experience. A minimum of one year of college is required but being a junior or above in the collegiate system is preferable.

The woman’s family history can’t include any conditions that can be transmitted genetically. These include serious conditions like cystic fibrosis. Generally, the woman’s family medical history needs to be positive and free from any serious conditions.

Emotional and mental health

From an emotional and mental standpoint, the woman can’t be on any psychoactive drugs. This includes those that are used to treat ADHD and depression. The mental health of the woman has to be positive. She can’t have an addiction or suffer from anything that would require her to seek out medication management.

The process of donating your eggs is complex from a mental health standpoint. The megadose of hormonal medications you will take can lead to mood swings. This is why having a positive mental health history is necessary. You have to be able to deal with these while you are on the medications before the donation.

Throughout the process of donating your eggs, you need to make sure that you still meet the physical and emotional criteria for egg donation. This is a wonderful chance for a young woman to help someone else realize her dreams, so make sure that you are fully committed to the process before you embark upon it.