Deep Cleaning of  Vape Tank May be Needed

Every user likes to use an e-cigarette, but at times, its vape tank may develop stubborn stains on it due to the e-liquid that can be very tough to get rid of. In such a case, deep cleaning of the vape tank and all its accompanying parts may be needed. Deep cleaning of the parts can be done at home provided there is an availability of high grade, unflavored alcohol like vodka. It is the best solvent that can help how to make thc e liquid like E-liquid Mate and in breaking down those persistent deposits. The complete deep cleaning is explained here for a thorough understanding.

  • Clean with high-grade alcohol – Make a microfiber cloth wet with the solvent and rub it at the affected areas to dissolve all the e-liquid deposits. Once, these are removed, wipe and rinse the areas with warm water and ensure to dry each part thereafter. Avoid using soap or other detergents for the purpose as they may leave an unnecessary residue after cleaning. Similarly, do not use isopropyl alcohol for the process as it can be toxic especially if rinsing and drying are not carried out properly after the wash.
  • Make use of an Ultrasonic wash machine – An ultrasonic wash machine is best-suited to clean small and delicate items. It can also be a very good option for cleaning a vape tank of all its tough e-liquid deposits. If such a machine is available, make a solution in it comprising of rubbing alcohol, vodka, and distilled water so that the vape tank and other accompanying parts can be completely dipped into it. A single cycle of the machine can be enough to clean the tank and other components completely.

Take ample precaution not to dip vinyl, plastic or rubber components in it for a longer period of time as they can be degraded. Also, make sure to rinse the tank and dry it thoroughly after the wash.

  • Do not boil or soak the tank or other parts – Boiling the tank may damage it permanently. In the same way, overnight soaking of these parts in alcohol or water may also damage them. Although some pieces may get cleaned in this way yet, these methods are quite risky.

By following these simple steps, a deep cleaning can be easily performed at home, and the vape tank can be cleaned spotlessly so that the vaping experience stays pleasurable and enjoyable.