Dental Myths You Probably Believe In: Well, You Shouldn’t!

There are various myths associated with the dental departmental given the high number of sources from where one can get the wrong oral healthcare information. Be it the internet, friends, and family, nobody is an expert on the subject and hence the myths! Certain tips that you follow might even be harmful practices while some might hold true too. Today we’ll list out the same and bust some myths for you too.

1) Aspirin for toothache

One of the old wives tales speaks about putting aspirin on the tooth that aches and then crushing it over there. Well, totally unsuggested! Not only is aspirin acidic in nature but on contact with the already distressed gums, it can cause severe damage.

2) Using a mouthwash or chewing a gum is as effective as brushing

This might as well be the most logically incoherent myth! These methods work well when used as breath fresheners but hold no ground when it comes to actual cleaning of the teeth. Also, if you have a habit of chewing gum frequently then make sure it’s a sugarless one.

3) Brushing harder helps remove plaque

Let’s laugh on this one first. Brushing harder not only causes extensive damage to the sensitive gums but it also tends to reduce the enamel coating that protects the tooth because of extensive friction. This leaves the teeth vulnerable to bacteria attack and subsequent decay. Everything in moderation is suggested.

4) Visit a dentist only when you have a real problem

There is something called as a regular dental check-up, something that everyone must invest in! It isn’t necessary for you to have a dental problem in order to book an appointment with a dentist. What is suggested is that you remain proactive about the same. Prevention is better than cure! For booking a dental check-up, you can contact Clinique dentaire Malka.

5) Roots canals cause pain

Nope, they don’t. Before getting any close to the cavity area you are given anaesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain which means that the chances of a root canal hurting are very low. But, if you are the one to follow the previously mentioned suggestion of going for regular check-up then it surely won’t come this far.

Hope this helped clear some myths, though the list doesn’t end here. All you need is professional help for maintaining your pearly whites!