Dentures or Dental Implant – Which Is the Better Option to Replace Missing teeth

No matter if you have lost your teeth due to trauma or disease, there are a few reliable options to replace it. The most traditional are dentures which you may have seen with older adults. However, dentures come with hidden charges and significant limitations, which people are not aware of.

On the other hand, dental implants in Melbourne have gained its popularity due to several good reasons. In fact, patients who have received dental implants are satisfied and happy with the results. However, dental implants cost in Melbourne is the major concern for many. As dental implant technology is advanced, it has now become a minimally invasive and affordable treatment for a missing tooth.

Why choose dental implants? 

When compared to dentures, implants offer a wealth of benefits. While some of those are cosmetic, all of these have a positive impact on the quality of life, making you healthy and happier till the end of your life.

Regain your self-confidence 

As implants are inserted into the jawbone, it can help stop the recession of the bones. Dentures tend to deteriorate the jaw bone over time. Keeping the jawbone stimulated is the only way to avoid shrinkage that naturally occurs when you lose a tooth. Also, you don’t have to worry that dentures may slip when you speak and eat.

Enhance the quality of your life 

Implants secure the teeth in place when compared to dentures. This helps to improve the aesthetics of your smile, restore chewing functionality, improve speech, and boost your confidence about your physical and psychological health. It is the only teeth replacement option that replaces both the root and tooth of a missing tooth. Yes, implants act as the root of a tooth once it is inserted.

No adhesives 

Adhesives should be used to fix the denture in place. However, they do not truly secure dentures. Traditional dentures that are held-in with adhesives can be dislodged and affect the taste of the food and can look messy. In fact, dentures come with hidden charges. You have to replace the dentures over a period of time, adhesives, cleaning solution to clean them, etc. On the other hand, dental implants are secured, and it doesn’t require any adhesives.

No food restriction 

With dentures, you cannot eat all types of food. Yes, there are food restrictions. Moreover, the hard foods you love to eat can be challenging with dentures. But, it is not the case with implants. You can improve dietary health by putting more nutritious food back on the menu.

Less maintenance

Dental implants can last longer with minimal maintenance. But, with dentures, maintenance can be a hassle, and it doesn’t last for a long period. Moreover, maintenance is easy with implants. All you have to do is take care of the implants as you do to your natural teeth.

When it comes to your health, dental implants price Melbourne should not hold you from getting it. Instead consider the long-term benefits it offers to you. Replace your missing teeth with dental implants and lead a quality life.