Does being British mean you are more Inclined towards Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol problems and issues had been part of the reputation of the United Kingdom. In a week, lots of the citizens are getting involved in alcohol-related problems and issues along the streets and other spaces throughout the border. Violence had also been connected to alcohol abuse of British society, with many turning to alcohol rehab.

A recent study entitled, “As Others See Us” was conducted to the young people rooting from the US, China, India, Germany, and Brazil. The research and survey made the researchers conclude that 27% of the people abroad think that there is an alcohol abuse form the British people. This means that a lot of British people drink over the limited amount of alcohol intake per day or week.

But, a study was also conducted of late to firmly conclude the previous research regarding the British people abusing alcohol. The World Health Organization, or WHO, led the research and reached a different statement regarding the topic. The study shows that the UK does not belong in the top 20 world’s heaviest drinker countries. Based on their gathered data, Belarus topped the survey, followed by Moldova, and Lithuania for the third spot. The UK got the 25th spot having 11.6 liters only of alcohol consumption. The UK followed the line of Portugal, Australia, France, and Germany.

The problem isn’t caused by the abuse of alcohol committed by the British people. Violence and other inhumane doings just had been rampant in British society. Besides, some countries have a high rate of alcohol abusers, yet violence is not widespread. Violence is one of the major crimes being resolved and studied by the British government to reduce the causes and risks of it for the betterment of the citizens.

Is that the way how the British usually drink?

A study rooted in the Institute of Alcohol Studies shows that no provided piece of a theoretical model can explain the connectivity of violence and alcohol abuse. Neither alcohol is associated with violence, nor violence to alcohol abuse. There is no majority that both can lead to negative consequences.

It is not about the effect or chemical reaction brought by the alcohol to the body of a British drinker. It is just the way how the British people drink alcohol and react from it. Some may believe that British drinking can make any a drinker aggressive and violent. It is just a myth that makes other people fool themselves and is affected by it. The beliefs have been one of the factors why perceptions towards British drinkers come in a negative approach. If the beliefs stay like that, it will be possible for it to be like that.

British people have their way of drinking and socializing with other people while drunk. Their behaviors and actions rooted in the Mediterranean era almost all of the drinkers are like these. Myths and beliefs regarding how the British people drinks must be changed for the only reason behind that is the culture and tradition they are accustomed to just like the others to their respective countries, as told by many who choose to share rehab stories.