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So you finally got that job you applied for and have been called for an interview. But there is a problem, one of the requirements of the job is that you undergo a mandatory drug test. It occurs to a lot of people, sooner or later companies will require their employees or job applicants to undergo a drug test. If you have not been clean for a while, the idea of a drug test may seem scary and intimidating.

Nonetheless, if the drug test is mandatory, there is no way to escape it. The problem with drugs is that majority of them stay in the body for more than three weeks. For example, marijuana takes close to a month in the body of a light smoker and 60 days for a heavy smoker and hence would be detected during a drug test. While staying for a month off of drugs may be enough to cleanse your system, it’s still not a guarantee that all traces of drugs in your system have been cleared. So, how to pass a drug test.  

With today’s technology in the field of medicine, it is becoming more and more difficult to use traditional methods to pass drug tests. Some of today’s testing types of equipment are advanced enough to detect drugs so methods like adding bleach or salt in the urine may not be practical. What’s more, if caught trying to falsify a drug test you would go to jail. However, you need not worry; you can still pass that drug test and get the job. There exists a variety of ways to beat the test and go undetected. Before you embark on that test, you need to be familiar with drugs and how they behave in the body. If you have to pass a drug test, here are five important things you need to know.  

Familiarize yourself with the drug test being administered  

Before you know how to pass a drug test, you should know the type of test you are taking so you can determine how to pass it. If you look at Clear Drug Tests, you will find great information about different types of drug testing. By understanding the test you are supposed to take, you will have ample time to research and know the dos and don’ts of drug testing which will give you an edge if you are to beat the systems. Most of the tests are performed in Labs with minimal to maximum supervision depending on how strict the regulations are in the institutions. Some of the typical drug tests include;  

Urine Test  

This is the most common type of tests in May institutions out there. The tests come in two distinct types; screening and confirmatory test. Most of the screening tests use an immunoassay to check for drugs and other substances in the body.  

Blood tests

Of all the drug testing methods, blood tests are the most invasive and hence could be considered the most effective. As seen in hospitals when the doctor is testing for an illness, the blood test offers real-time results and reveals substances in the blood more accurately than any other test. However, due to its costly nature, the majority of organizations opt out of the method except for the narcotics department of the police. The method is usually used on suspects arrested on cases of driving under the influence.  

Saliva testing

Although fairly new, the method is gaining popularity since it is less invasive compared to urine. With saliva testing, you get to keep most of your privacy if not all as opposed to urine testing where you may be monitored as you get the sample. Saliva testing more effective in testing the recent use of drugs and give accurate results. In most cases, saliva tests can detect Marijuana used four to ten hours beforehand. However, in some rare cases, the test can detect cannabinoids used four days ago.  

Sweat testing  

Also among the most recently introduced tests, this method involves the use a sweat which is fixed on the body for a week or two. Once worn, the patch detects drugs and substances elements excreted when you sweat. Because of the time is taken to conduct the test, it is mostly administered to people on drug probation and those facing custody cases. It is rarely used for workplaces drug screening.