Factors To Consider When Choosing a Primary Care Doctor in Calgary

It is common practice for most individuals when choosing a health care plan to pick a random name of a primary care doctor from the insurance list provided. While this choosing method is easy, it does not guarantee that you are choosing the best Calgary family doctor to entrust the health of your family.

But insurance companies only work with the best in the industry, you might argue. Yes, they do. But not all of the best listed professional doctors are best for your needs. There are lots of considerations that go into making that choice. Below are some tips to help you out.

Ask Around

The very first step in choosing the best family doctor is to talk to friends and family about the doctors they deem to be the best and that have met their needs in the past. Getting a recommendation from an individual you trust and that you know has your best interests at heart is the best way to land a professional and highly skilled doctor you will love.


Given that you could be meeting with the doctor very often, it is imperative that he/she has an office close to you. You do not want to be traveling a long distance when you are not in perfect health.

And here is the thing. When the office is close and convenient for you, you are more likely to schedule appointments often and honour them. The result is that your health will be at its best.

Quality Care

When you are choosing a roofing professional, you will not let them climb on to your roof before you do some research on the quality of work they provide right? And this is just your roof. Your health and that of your family is surely more important compared to the state of your roof.

As such, before settling for any doctor, you should research the quality of health care he/she provides. For this, you can read online reviews from past clients. Also, you can check on the certifications the doctor has. Certifications will shed some light on the training the doctor has had and the quality to expect.

Cold Call

This might seem like a lot of trouble, but it will provide you with a lot of information. There is a lot you can pick up from a doctor’s phone etiquette. You can ask a simple question like when they are accepting new patients or when the next available appointment is. If the answer is ‘the next open appointment is in 90 days’, be wary.

You want to work with a doctor that will always make time to see you regardless of their schedule (of course within reason). The urgency of your health cannot be put off for a later date.

Follow Your Gut

The primary care doctor will be your problem solver in matters related to your health. As such, it is important that you have trust in him/her and are comfortable to ask questions.

After the first appointment, assess your feelings towards the Calgary family doctor and the entire staff and office as a whole. If you have some doubts, you should look for another doctor.