Few Symptoms and Signs That Will Indicate Addiction to Fentanyl

Fentanyl is generally used for providing relief from pain. When a person suffers from any kind of injury and suffering from severe pain or a person has undergone surgery and has any pain then this drug is prescribed. It can quickly provide relief from pain and is very effective. However, at the same time this drug is also very addictive. It is considered to be much more potent than any other drug like heroin and hundred times more potent than morphine.

Some of the symptoms of Fentanyl Addiction can be seen by the onlooker. As an example, the addicted person may feel dizzy and the onlooker can see that the person falling down while walking or his head droops.

Following are few symptoms that will indicate that the person is abusing this drug:

  • The person will consume more amount of Fentanyl and he will like to take it again and again not just for his recreation but due to his addiction too.
  • Though the person has a desire in his mind to stop taking fentanyl or at least try to cut down his intake but he cannot do
  • Most of his time will be spent for obtaining fentanyl and the person will try to use all his available money and resources to obtain it somehow.
  • There is a craving and urge for taking fentanyl and he cannot resist the urge.
  • Due to his fentanyl abuse his performance in his workplace goes down, he cannot perform well in the school or at home.
  • In spite of having lots of problem due to this drug the person will continue to take fentanyl
  • The person will try to remain aloof and withdraw from the social life or any other recreation
  • In spite of knowing about the dangers of drug abuse the person will continue his habit
  • In spite of various mental or physical problems the person will continue to take fentanyl
  • The person develops tolerance to the drug and body demands more fentanyl
  • If the dosage of drug is reduced then there are withdrawal symptoms.