How Crowdfunding is Fueling Initiatives in the Travel Industry

The era of crowdfunding is about making every other interesting idea and luxury that seems more like an unreachable goal, more and more accessible for the ordinary individual. You don’t have to be a wealthy philanthropist to help feed and educate a thousand children anymore. You don’t have to comb the earth for interested investors to launch a start-up anymore. Youth who aspire to advance in their careers can go to their dream colleges abroad without worrying about loans. 20-somethings who can barely afford their own apartments can afford to go skipping off to another country to find enriching experiences, volunteering, working or simply revelling in a different culture. Aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have to abandon their “big ideas” anymore. They can build on them through crowdfunding.

You can do all of that, if you understand how crowdfunding works. And have an active social media presence (and these days, which doesn’t?).

Crowdfunding gives you that perfect opportunity to approach your audience with a story, to convince them to believe in your cause and the solutions you plan to execute, and to finally get their monetary support. With a great USP and some good storytelling skills, it can be a cakewalk. Thousands of young people around the world have been able to raise funds to volunteer abroad at nonprofits they care about, to visit family they haven’t met in years, to explore a country they’ve always dreamed of and so on.

An innovative way to travel, through crowdfunding

Mukesh Gurnani is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the travel industry. He turned to crowdfunding with Impact Guru to build on his unique ideas to encourage the average employee to travel. His new endeavour, Find Your Tours, where travellers can book tickets on a system similar to stock exchange, finding tickets and hotels when they’re at their lowest price and can also bid for their favourite travel packages.

The travel enthusiast hopes to delve into more fun options that can strike up a trend and is not only looking for interested donors through Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform, but also for potential stakeholders and partners. If you’re motivated to begin a management career in the travel industry, find his campaign on Impact Guru!