How to Choose Ideal Medicinal Cannabis Oil?

 New patients find it overwhelming to buy the right quality cannabis oil with plethora of options available. With new cannabis inventions and brands hitting the market identifying the product suitable for your needs is hard to find. Below is a rundown to help you choose the right medicinal cannabis oil.

What is medicinal cannabis oil?

Medical components are concentrated in the resin glands positioned on the herbs exterior side. Some specific solvents are applied to separate these oils [possessing medical properties] from the herbal plants. So, you obtain highly concentrated therapeutic cannabis oil. There are varieties of therapeutic cannabis oil.

Full extract cannabis oil

Variety of solvents and different extraction technologies are used for full extract process. Full extract means buds and even leaves of cannabis plants are used to separate the oil. In full extract oil more than 4OO chemical compounds work together to provide synergistic effects.

While purchasing full extract oil check the following aspects.


High THC level [maximum 60%] means abundant of psychoactive properties, which is helpful to patients suffering from severe health issues like –

  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gastrointestinal disorder
  • Parkinson’s disease


CBD oils are believed to be non-psychoactive. These full extract oils prepared from high CBD cannabis plants uplift mood and inspires calmness, which encourages focus. These are best for dealing with stress management and daytime pain because healing effects are experienced without getting stoned.

One to one ratio

1:1 cannabis extract oils are exceptional. They are prepared from strains with even THC to CBD ratio. Research reports that CBD and THC work best when blended together.

Experience of psychoactive high from one to one extract will depend on user’s biochemistry and tolerance level. However, the psychoactive effect is mild or you can say nothing when compared to full THC oil.

Specialty products

Specialty products contain high level of uncommon cannabinoids like THCV or CBG. You will need to learn more about how to use these specialty products.

  • Raw cannabis oil is rare kind of medical product. It gets extracted without heat means the active compound is found in acid form. You can purchase this raw product from cannabis oil Canada, an online store.
  • Isolates are used as dabbing products or vapor pens. A THCA product includes 99.9% of THC.

Make sure to check whether therapeutic cannabis oil is legal in your state or not.