How To Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

In Australia, any qualified doctor can legally perform surgery.

However, being qualified to perform surgery and being able to successfully perform specific plastic surgery procedures are two completely different things.  

Choosing the right surgeon can mean the difference between seeing the results you’ve been dreaming about and walking away with unhappy with various complications.

Tips for choosing the right plastic surgeon

Below are a few factors to consider when evaluating plastic surgeons.


All Australian plastic surgeons are Fellows of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, which permits them to place the letters ‘FRACS’ after their name. FRACS indicates that they’re qualified to perform both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery in an accredited hospital.

The process of becoming a Fellow isn’t an easy one and requires a minimum of 12 years of medical and surgical education, as well as at least five years of specialist postgraduate training.

The plastic surgeon that you select should be experienced, trained and accredited if you want to see the best possible results and minimal complications.  


Most plastic surgeons will ask you to book an initial consultation before proceeding with surgery. This allows them to discuss your goals with you so that they can advise you on whether they’re achievable or not. A reputable plastic surgeon will help you set realistic surgical expectations and won’t pressure you into having the procedure done. A good surgeon will also give you enough time to think about your options before they schedule your surgery.

Potential risks

Any surgery comes with a certain amount of risk, something that your surgeon should talk you through before you go ahead and schedule your procedure. A qualified surgeon like Dr Laniewski will run you through the potential risks that are associated with your specific surgery as well as any complications that could arise.  


The aftercare process is just as important as the actual surgical procedure. The right surgeon will have a detailed aftercare process in place that will reduce your risk of post-surgery complications and will be able to tell you what to expect from the recovery process.  


Reputable surgeons such as Dr Laniewski are required to provide you with full financial disclosure before they can schedule your surgery. Before you go ahead with your surgery, you should know the exact cost of:

  • The surgeon
  • The anaesthetist
  • Assistants
  • Implants
  • The hospital, including all extras

Never go ahead with surgery if some of the costs are listed as ‘to be advised’ as this will only lead to unexpected costs and stress after your procedure. Remember, it’s your right to know exactly what your surgery will cost before you agree to it.

Choosing a surgeon

Never go with the first plastic surgeon that you meet with, always shop around first!

Schedule a consultation with several different surgeons so that you can find someone who has the right experience, qualifications and style that you’re looking for.

Plastic surgery is a big deal and will change your life so it’s important to find the right surgeon the first time around.