Is Plastic Surgery a Right Choice for Teens

Now-a-days plastic surgery is becoming immensely popular among people from all walks of life. Also known as reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery, it helps repairing physical problems or defects very effectively. In most of the cases it is used only to appear good before public. But presently it is seen that teens are also going for it which raises many questions. Is it really good and worth the effort and money spent on it? As there are minus and plus points of everything, plastic surgery also has its own pros and cons. But in most of the cases the present results show how beneficial it is in both ways, in appearance and in health wise also.

It is a known fact that plastic surgery changes your life significantly. Most of the plastic surgeons like Dr Morris Ritz take interviews of the young people who want to opt for plastic surgery. Doctors want to know if these teens are really serious for plastic surgery and want to go for it for the right reasons because some teens are not mature enough and they take this decision only for emotional reasons.

The teens must know that most of the plastic surgery is done in the same way such as anesthesia, surgery, healing and any other health risk. Doctors, who are doing plastic surgery are concerned if their patients at this age can understand all these things and also if they are able to handle the pressure of the surgery and the after effects.

Along with Dr Morris Ritz, other reputed doctors in this line think for the procedures like rhinoplasty, (which is done to enhance appearance) should be done only on those teens that are fully grown, which means a boy or a girl should be above 16 years of age. For breast enlargement, a girl should be 18 years of age or more because saline implants are not approved for the age less than that.

Points to Consider

Here are some of the points that you must consider before you go for plastic surgery:

  1. Everyone wants to look good but you have to ask yourself whether you want it for yourself or you are doing it to please someone else. The reason behind it that the self-consciousness attached to it may go away with the time.
  2. As the teen years pass, your body may show many changes with the age. Parts of the body that do not look proportionate, may look better with age. You should go for plastic surgery only if you have some extra large or small parts to make them look balanced.
  3. If you want liposuction or gastric bypass, then you must consider twice because you can lose weight with regular exercise and diet control. But if you are in show business and do not want to go through the hectic routine of dieting, and you don’t have that much time also, you can opt for plastic surgery.
  4. If you are too conscious about your looks and are desperate to change it, then you should go ahead with cosmetic surgery to change your appearance and gain confidence.