Meniscus Injuries Quite Common in Thailand

Meniscus tears can prevent people from participating in sports. If you like to run or play basketball, you may suffer from this type of knee injury. You may also suffer from a meniscus tear if you play soccer or any type of impact sport – whether it involves other people or any strain to your muscles and joints.

A Bad Injury

When you have a meniscus injury, it can be hard to navigate or participate in any type of physical activity. That is why you need to find the best treatment plan for you. Everyone is made up differently. That is why there is not any clear-curt cure for a knee injury in Thailand.

Just like other knee injuries, a meniscus tear can be debilitating and quite painful. This injury is common, as people use their knees frequently. That is why this type of tear is one of the more frequent cartilage injuries of the knee. The meniscus is a cartilage in the knee that stabilizes and cushions the joint. Therefore, it is designed to protect the surrounding bones form wear-and-tear.

A Common Problem in Athletic Circles

Whether you come down on your knee hard, after jumping, or you twist the knee, it is easy to produce this type of injury. Sometimes, the shredded meniscus will break loose and get caught up in the knee joint. When this happens, your knee will lock up.

Besides soccer and basketball, meniscus tears in Thailand can involve noncontact sports, such as volleyball. Changing direction quickly can result in a tear if a person is running. It may happen alongside other knee injuries, which worsens the whole situation. One of these injuries includes the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL.

If you are an older athlete or are older and like to work out, your risk increases for getting an ACL injury or meniscus tear in Thailand. The meniscus cartilage weakens as you age. Therefore, people who are 65 years old or older usually suffer from this kind of pain.

Some of the Symptoms of the Knee Tear

When you have a meniscus tear, you will experience swelling, knee pain, and a popping sensation when you contract the injury. You may also have problems with straightening or bending your knee. As noted, you may experience your knee locking up on you. To make a diagnosis, a doctor will conduct a thorough examination. This exam usually includes x-rays and an MRI – diagnostic tests that allow him or her to obtain a full assessment of the knee cartilage.

Do You Want to Participate in Sports Once Again?

It is not surprising that this tear is often treated in Thailand, as young professionals often participate in team sports in their pastime. In addition, older people are more active today, which frequently triggers this type of injury. That is why you cannot waste any time if you experience knee swelling or discomfort. Make an appointment with a medical professional today to see how you can improve your quality of life and get back into sports once again.