Organ and Tissue Donor – The Gift of Life

When you choose to turn into an organ donor, you have taken a vital decision in your life. If you get to learn about it fully, then you will also get to understand why it is so imperative. However, there are some useful facts regarding organ donation plus transplantation. You must spare some minutes to get equipped with information and consider signing up. You must remember that by donating you have agreed to help a mother, father, child, sister or brother. They need your help and you can do that by donating your organs or tissues.

You can give your consent to turn into an organ donor only when you have attained the age of 16 years or above. You must also understand the nature plus the result of your donation fully. And the best part is you are liberal to change your mind any moment. In fact, parents are not in a position to propose a prior agreement for the donation of organs plus tissues of their children who haven’t attained the age of 16 years. However, parents can consent in place of their children only when the chances of donation arise. There are many non-profit organ procurement organizations that serve as the Organ & Tissue Donor Network to many families of donors.

Facts about organ donation

Anyone can be a donor whether young, old, ill or healthy. The donation includes many tissues and organs and people who are using medications or who are ill can donate too. Unless a person passes away, the doctor cannot determine whether his organs and tissues are good for donation. Remember that you are never too old to donate. Many organs can be donated: lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and small intestine. Tissues also improve the quality of life. The tissues that can be donated are corneas, skin, heart valves, blood vessels, and the bone tissues such as the cartilage and the tendons.

It is most likely that you will require an organ donation at some point in your life. Organs can be donated if a person dies in a hospital. In many cases, a person following a cerebral hemorrhage is brain dead. Though he is dead legally, artificial respiration keeps on supplying the organs with oxygen and such people can become donars. Organ donation is very important and so many people register themselves as donors. After the death of a person, the doctors check whether he has registered himself in the list of donors. If not registered, the doctors ask for the permission of family members.

Tissue donation

Though many people are quite familiar with the organ donation, many are not quite familiar with the tissue donation aspect but it is no lesser gift. Tissue donation through the Organ & Tissue Donor Network can help people in many ways. Donated corneas can help restore the eyesight of the individuals who are suffering from eye trauma or corneal blindness. Again, bones and tendons are used to replace the tissues damaged by trauma, tumors or infection and save the limbs that would have to be amputated otherwise.