Reasons Why You Should Love HypnoBirthing

You are pregnant. Your expected delivery date is almost due, and you can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms. But, wait! For you to hold your baby in your arms, it needs to come out.

However, for many expectant mothers out there, the thought of giving birth is one that has been tainted with negative stories from family, friends or dramatized television shows. Images of women screaming and crying while giving birth have become the order of the day.

Well, the truth is that giving birth doesn’t have to be painful. HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method is a unique birthing program that teaches expectant mothers simple yet specific relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques for a stress-free and pain-free birth.

These simple techniques if followed during labor can assist in many ways. Here are some of the top reasons why you should love HypnoBirthing.

Helps You to Stay Calm and Comfortable throughout Labor and Birth

The fear-stress-pain cycle works on a simple principle that if fear is eliminated during labor, you will feel much more comfortable, relaxed, and experience extremely low levels of pain. The hypnotherapy aspect of HypnoBirthing deals with the fear factor by introducing positive affirmations.

Breathing and visualization techniques are also included in HypnoBirthingclasses so that both physical and psychological elements of childbirth are covered. The overall result of the HypnoBirthingtechniques is a calming, comforting, and relaxing environment that leads to a pain-free birth.

Effective Way of Dealing with Your Past Traumatic Births

If your first birth wasn’t right, the chances are that the experience left you feeling fearful and dreading the day when you welcome your second born. As much as you want another kid, the thought of your first pregnancy leaves you feeling frightened.

Luckily, HypnoBirthing can help you deal with your past experiences and prepare for your second labor in the best possible way. This birthing method teaches you how to dispel those fears through group discussions, watching calm and peaceful natural birth videos and a wide range of hypnosis techniques.

It Can Significantly Reduce Post-Partum Depression

Another significant benefit of HypnoBirthing is that it can help you deal with the post-partum depression quite effectively. Mothers who choose this birthing method show significantly reduced post-partum depression after childbirth.

This benefit can be attributed to the fact that HypnoBirthing techniques allow you to stay in touch with both your mind and body.  It also provides mums with an incredible opportunity to start bonding with their babies as soon as they are born.

Involves Your Birth Partner

HypnoBirthing courses aren’t just focusedon the expectant mother alone. They also focuson the role of your birth partner and what they can do to make your birthing experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Whether you choose your spouse, mum, or best friend as your birth partner, HypnoBirthing will teach them how they can provide support during pregnancy and take good care of you when you enter into labor. It teaches them a wide range of things that they can do even in situations where they may feel useless.