Recreational Marijuana Dispensary: Things to Expect on Your First Visit

Marijuana dispensaries are a beautiful thing for certain patients and recreational users. Also, for anyone who was living in a prohibition state, visiting one dispensary store for the first time can be an excitingly overwhelming experience. While it may seem magical, marijuana dispensary businesses are becoming more accessible compared to before.

With over half of the states in the United States now legalizing the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, many individuals have been familiar with the convenience of shopping at Marijuana Dispensary in California. But for the others who have never been in the store before, here are the things you need to know:

Identification Card

From the moment you enter a dispensary store, you will be automatically asked to show some identification like IDs and so on. The security within a dispensary store is not a joke when it comes to screening their customers. That means, there’s no mercy if you forgot any of your IDs.

The rules are simple, and if you don’t have any IDs, you’re not allowed to enter.

Qualified IDs may vary from state to state, but here are the most common state-issued IDs:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passports
  • Military identification
  • Patient’s card
  • Proof of eligibility to purchase (with photo and identification on the certificate)

States like California for recreational marijuana dispensaries do not allow any individuals under the age of 21 to enter the dispensary property. For those individuals who travel from another country outside the US, your passport will serve as an acceptable form of identification. In addition to that, make sure to keep your IDs with you throughout the process as other dispensaries will request you to show it to them again upon paying.

However, if you’re traveling out of your state, you’re over the age of 21and have a valid vertical driver’s license from your origin state, it would be better to call the marijuana dispensary beforehand so you don’t waste your trip.

You Should Be Prepared to Wait

After providing valid identification, you will be asked to sit down first and wait until a next available budtender to assist you. Most marijuana dispensaries have their own lobby or waiting room that consists of Televisions, magazines, marijuana artwork, faux cannabis plants, and flowers to pull off a fantastic cannabis waiting room vibe. Each waiting room may vary depending on the marijuana dispensary owner.

However, not all marijuana dispensaries have their own waiting room. Some of these dispensaries will check your identification first, and will allow you to browse the store until a next budtender is available to assist you.Dispensaries who follow this kind of practice allow their customers to look around with their own preferences and give more freedom when it comes to customer experience.

Often, a dispensary store that has a waiting room and assigned budtender can make the customer feel that they are forced to make a purchase in a rush. This is true, especially if the waiting room has a long line. If you feel uncomfortable and flustered, you can ask for additional time to think first before you come up with a decision.

You Need to Talk with a Budtender

As a customer at a cannabis dispensary, you’re required to interact with a budtender during your visit. The bottom line is budtenders are the people who can answer all of your questions and can help you find the appropriate marijuana product for you. With that being said, not all budtenders are marijuana experts.

The good news is that every dispensary store should provide strain name, warnings, ingredients, potency, license number, batch number, and contaminant testing for all the cannabis products within the sore.

Meaning, if your budtender is actually a budtender, you need additional information to make a wise decision. In addition to that, with the help of the internet, most marijuana questions can be now answered through your favorite search engine, like Google.

However, be aware that a vast majority of marijuana dispensaries don’t allow mobile phone usage within the building, so always respect the rules and regulations of each dispensary store, and act accordingly.

When browsing for some marijuana products, if you prefer to look more closely at the cannabis flower or concentrates, you can simply ask your budtender. They will be happy to serve and satisfy you by allowing you to take a closer look, and they will even let you smell it.

Moreover, keep in mind that every budtender is different, but most of the time, you will encounter someone who is very professional and pleasant to talk to. Besides, you can even make a new friend.

Choosing a Product Might be Overwhelming

In many marijuana dispensaries, you will see a lot of multiple strains of high-quality hemp and cannabis flowers, also a large variety of edibles and concentrates, as well as other never-heard items to try. The sights and smells inside the dispensary may excite and impress you, making yourself the urge to buy more than you can purchase.