Signs AndSymptoms For MortonsNeuroma To Look For

Whether it is any minor illness or a major health problem, prevention is better than cure they say. However, given the biological and environmental conditions, you may suffer from different types of ailments that need proper treatment. If you can make it early then the pain, suffering, treatment cost and other factors will be less. It is applicable if you suffer from Mortons neuroma as well. Therefore, if you know about the symptoms of this disease then you can avail the treatments at the earliest and avoid painful surgeries as well. Ideally, whenever you feel pain or any unusual sensation in the ball of your foot, visit a specialist in Morton’s neuroma.

The common symptoms

You will feel pain in the ball of your foot and even experience a burning sensation always. This is the most common symptom of Morton’s neuroma but there are other signs of the diseases as well. You may experience numbness in the affected area along with the continual pain. Sometimes these smaller issues can be eliminated with massaging the foot or removing footwear. You may also notice a lump though this is a very rare occasion. Usually, this disease occurs when the tissue around the nerves leading to your toes thickens. This causes a sharp and burning pain that may worsen over time.

Other symptoms to know

The main symptom of this disease is the feeling of pain in the foot that bears weight. There are other signs as well. You may feel a shooting pain in the adjacent sides of the two toes after walking for some time. Most commonly, you will feel the pain in the third and fourth toes. You may also experience a tingling and pricking sensation commonly known as pins-and-needles though this will not have any physical effect in the long-term. You may also feel that there is something inside the ball of your foot.