Signs Your Child Is Ready For Contact Lenses in Calgary

As your child grows and gets closer to their first day in school, he might start making requests for contact lenses. Most kids who wear prescription glasses wish they could have contact lenses, but are constantly denied for their young age.

As a parent, honestly, you do not enjoy saying no to your child. And with regards to contact lenses, you wish there was a way you could know he is ready for contact lenses in Calgary despite his age.Well, here is some good news. You can tell when your child is ready. And even
better, age is no determinant. Heck, there are even images doing rounds on the Internet of toddlers rocking contact lenses.

All you have to bear in mind is that every child is special in his own way. They also grow and develop at different paces. With that said, below are some signs to denote that your child is
ready to move from prescription glasses to contact lenses.

Requests For Contact Lenses

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it is worth a mention. Any child who is constantly asking for contact lenses is obviously unhappy with their glasses for whatever reason. With this unhappiness comes a drive and motivation to take great care of their contact lenses. When the
drive to wear contacts comes from your child, the contact lenses will be of more value and will be well taken care of without supervision.

Completes Chores Without A Constant Reminder

Any child who shows signs of being responsible for all aspect of his life is most likely ready for the contact lenses. However, as a parent, if you feel the time is not ripe yet, as a parent, it would not hurt waiting for another year or two. It can be annoying to have to keep reminding your child to remove the contact lenses every time.

Is Hygienic and Clean

If your child has a hard time keeping clean, then getting him contact lenses is not such a great idea. Now, don’t misinterpret this. Some kids love getting dirty, and there is nothing wrong with this, it is part of a growth phase. However, if you give such a child contact lenses and they handle them with dirt, he/she might develop an eye infection.

Takes Great Care Of The Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are delicate and expensive. Kids who make an effort to take great care of them will have an easier time taking care of their contact lenses. If your child has a habit of
leaving the glasses on the bus or the playground, do not get the prescription contacts for him.

Is Into Athletics

Contact lenses are great for kids who are into sports. With these, they get to enjoy perfect vision and have no restriction on the protective eyewear they can use. In addition to this, your child does not have to worry about the glasses slipping as a result of sweat or accidentally getting the glass broken right in their face.


Even as you contemplate on whether you should get your child contact lenses in Calgary or not, you should consider the level of care they will require with the necessary daily disposables. Some lenses allow for daily replacements without using cleaning regimens or solutions.