Simple Tricks and Options for Penis Enlargement

How to enlarge your penis? According to statistics, as many as 80% of men are not satisfied with the thickness or length of a member. The question of how to enlarge the penis is becoming more and more popular, we have available penis enlargement tablets, patches, herbs, devices, pumps, exercises and finally surgical procedures. The average penis length in Poland is about 15.6 cm.

What methods of penis enlargement should you bet on? We have prepared for you a review of the best methods of enlarging a member, starting with the most effective and highest rated. See how to enlarge your penis. Using the penis enlargement medicines is a very important deal here.

  1. Tablets for penis enlargement

This is the combination of effectiveness and ease of use. The treatment consists of taking the appropriate dose of tablets for a specific period of time with a longer treatment greater effect of enlarging a member. Tablets provide fairly quick results and at an attractive price it is currently the most popular method.

  1. Extenders for penis enlargement

In second place in terms of effectiveness are special devices called extender. The principle of their operation lies in the special construction and traction. Special devices are put on the penis, which, when adjusted properly, stretches the member. In addition to penis enlargement, you can use the extenders to correct the curves of the penis. The effectiveness of the action has been confirmed by scientific research.

Scientific studies have confirmed that people testing the product obtained an average effect in the form of an additional 7 cm in length during 6 months of using the product.

  1. How to enlarge the penis – surgery

Member enlargement operations are also becoming more and more popular. The operation involves cutting the ligaments that connect the member with the pubic bone, unfortunately it does not give a real effect, but only lowering the penis, which makes the penis mainly appear larger, its actual length increases by about 3 cm.

The disadvantages of this method are not only the low score, but also the possibility of many complications such as lack of erection or incomplete erection, loss of sexual satisfaction, inability to reach orgasm.

More and more clinics offering such treatment appear in the search results after entering the phrase: how to enlarge the penis.

  1. Penis enlargement pumps

Despite the fact that many people decide to use pumps to enlarge a member , due to the fact that they are available in many stores, their effectiveness is not very high. It turns out that improper use of pushups or choosing devices that are of low quality not only leads to a lack of enlargement effects, but also can have side effects for our member.

The pump works on the principle of creating arcades, more expensive models have appropriate sensors, which in the event of creating too high pressure have a blockage. In the cheaper ones we have to regulate ourselves when we get the maximum pressure. The action of penis enlargement pumps resembles manual exercises on the penis. The effect is not immediate, you need to exercise regularly and long to get the right results.