Strategies to Fight Against Resistant Depression

Depression is a healing disease. Patients must know this because their pathological condition let them see the world only in black. But in most cases, this depression is resistant to antidepressants. In these patients who don’t respond well to treatments on their medical condition, we are considering a strategy to optimize antidepressants by combining another drug like Celexa, doxepin, and fetzima. A synthesis of several clinical studies focused on atypical neuroleptics.

A Life-Menacing Illness

In most countries, every year, three million people are overwhelmed by depression, mainly women. And nearly 20% of individuals aged 15 to 75 (nearly 9m people) have lived or will experience depression during their lifetime. This disease, whose clinical signs are listed, has nothing to do with depression or a temporary discomfort. “Depression is potentially fatal. We declare ourselves in a moody mood, we always consume too many psychotropic substances, mainly benzodiazepines, but we do not take care of ourselves when we are depressed.

Medical Reasoning is Lacking

The objective criteria of depression are not sufficiently accepted. We end up missing out, not looking for the diagnosis from an online pharmacy which will not give you access to treatment but also at a minimized rate. The specialist recalls the main symptoms/signs of depression which include loss of desire, slowing down, physical signs/symptoms such as weight loss and sleep, loss of self-esteem, black thoughts. As long as you feel you’re not getting a sizable pay, you’re not depressed.

On the other hand, if you think you do not deserve your salary, you have to worry, schematizes the psychiatrist. These signs must lead to consultation. Once the depression is identified, care is essential.

Consider Bipolarity

If the depression is mild/moderate, psychotherapy is sufficient. It must be accessible and reimbursed. It’s often easier for the physician to prescribe medication. In the face of dire depression, antidepressant treatment is not discussed. These drugs will need time to act on the symptoms. A little patience is needed before finalizing that depression is resistance. When she is well diagnosed, she will be declared resistant if she doesn’t react to two antidepressant treatments at the right dose and for the necessary duration.