The Causes of Back Pain and The Preventive measures to take

In most cases, back pain is mechanical and is caused by poor posture or movement but in 20% of cases this back pain can be inflammatory and the diagnosis is often much more difficult to do. The origin of back pain is in most cases mechanical because daily the spine is much solicited. Possible causes of back pain include:

  • Muscular contractures and yes: In the majority of cases it is sudden muscle contractures that make the lumbar region very painful.
  • Disturbances in the articulation between 2 vertebrae
  • The central nucleus of a vertebral disc can move and leave the space between 2 vertebrae and then form a disc herniation that is painful only if it presses on a nerve root.
  • Sliding between 2 vertebrae can occur as a result of violent exertion or because of aging causing severe pain.

Osteoarthritis that can develop from 40 years but also younger and it can cause pain by the formation of excrescences in the vertebrae called “parrot’s beak”. As you look at this now you will have the best options available for the same.

Sequel of Trauma

In the event of physical shocks, intense sporting activity, and repetitive gestures or after a long sitting position traveling with a long seated ride or prolonged work sitting in front of a computer, this back pain can occur.

Back pain: Risk Factors

Risk factors can aggravate and cause the occurrence of back pain:

  • Overweight and especially during pregnancy because women have to bear an overweight at the same time when female hormones including progesterone induce a loosening of muscle tissue.
  • Bad postures at work, in the car, during sleep.
  • Lack of physical training back strengthening exercises or on the contrary overtraining with poor physical activities.
  • The wearing of high-heeled shoes.
  • Smoking.
  • The prolonged stress with the psychological concept and the repercussion in the form of pains in the back.
  • Congenital or acquired vertebral deformities scoliosis for example.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Osteoporosis.

Back Pain: How to prevent?

To prevent the occurrence of back pain, some simple tips including postures can be applied. So, paying attention to one’s back by bending one’s knees when bending over, avoiding being overweight, walking 30 minutes a day, and practicing exercises to strengthen one’s back and strengthen one’s lap belt are all valuable tips for taking care of one’s body.

To fight against back pain, you have to move. Maintaining the muscles in one’s back is essential and appropriate physical activity and prevention exercises are advised. On a daily basis, learn to sit down, learn to sit well in front of a computer screen, learn how to pick up an object by squatting, learn how to carry a load by bending your knees before and take the object by wearing it as close as possible to the chest. Learning to get dressed, get in a car and be well positioned in everyday positions to wash, house, garden are all good reflexes to preserve his back.