The dangers of acrylic nails

Many women head to the salon to get acrylic nails, as they’re more permanent than normal polish and easier to maintain. However, there are some frightening side effects that you may not know about.

Experts at House Call Doctor warn of the potential dangers and long-term consequences which acrylic nails can have on your health.

If they’re bad, why do people use them?

Even though there is some long-term damage linked to acrylic nails, people prefer the plastic rather than going natural because they can improve the appearance of the nail and be decorated with nail designs that aren’t impossible with normal polish.

There are two main forms of acrylic nails – forms or tips. Forms usually cover the whole nail and tips are extensions of the natural nails.

Why are they bad?

Although these fake nails can make your fingers look great, you still need to be wary of the potential dangers. These include:

  • Harmful chemicals: For starters, the chemicals that are used in the adhesive for acrylic nails are well known to be unhealthy. These chemicals include formaldehyde and resin. They are linked to one of the causes of cancer. Some types of acrylic nails even contain toluene, which is a chemical with very serious health effects. The fumes from acrylic nails can also cause health problems such as allergy symptoms, asthma and contact dermatitis.
  • They can catch fire: Believe or not, artificial nails can catch fire if they’re sitting too close to an open flame, hair dryers, hair curlers or straighteners. Studies show that it only takes around 1.1 seconds for an acrylic nail to catch alight.
  • Nail infections abound: The glue that’s used to stick the acrylic nail to the natural nail is very strong. If your nail gets caught in something, it can rip your natural nail from the nail bed. The gap that then opens up, leaves the wound vulnerable to infection.