The Details of Why Common Dental Practices Are Recommended  

There are plenty of pieces of dental advice that everyone hears, but they are repeated so often that it’s rare to hear the details behind them. This makes it easy to underestimate why it’s important to follow such directions from your Edmonds dentist. Here are explanations for the most commonly-advised practices:


Cavity prevention is often mentioned as a reason to brush your teeth, but that’s really only one of several points of this practice. Toothbrushing, when done properly, also helps prevent gum disease. To gain this benefit, you need to brush right up to the gumline to remove plaque and debris that collects there. Brushing your teeth, especially with a breath-freshening toothpaste, also helps to eliminate bad mouth odors.


This helps to prevent cavities between the teeth by removing hidden plaque. It can also help gum health. Studies say that getting any benefit from flossing at all requires the proper technique, so ask your hygienist for a refresher demo if you have forgotten just how to do it. In many cases, people aren’t refreshed on this once they grow up, and it’s easy for technique to deteriorate after several years.

Having Regularly-Scheduled Professional Cleanings

Even though professional teeth cleaning makes your mouth feel great and shines up your teeth, this isn’t the point of having it done. It is one of the most important practices for preventing periodontal disease! Periodontal (gum) disease – and the accompanying tooth loss – arises when lack of cleaning lets bad bacteria build up. Professional cleaning prevents this buildup and keeps your gums healthy.

Getting Crowns

Crowns, or “caps,” are used to restore teeth that would otherwise be lost. Older adults associate them with root canal therapy, where the crown covers the opening made during the procedure. Dentists, however, have long used crowns for far more than this. They can replace the tops of teeth that have severe decay, minor cracks, or even cosmetic unevenness. With proper care, a crown will last for years regardless of why it was put in.

Getting Teeth Straightened

There are both cosmetic and practical points of tooth straightening. The practical benefit is a better bite. The “bite” is the way the teeth come together when chewing. A bad bite can cause mouth pain, premature wear to teeth, and premature decay. Many find that it’s worth it to spend some time in braces to prevent these problems.

Now when you go to your Edmonds dentist, you won’t have to wonder why they always check how well you’re brushing and flossing, or what the point is when the dentist suggests a crown. You can rest easy knowing that there are real points behind all of these procedures.