The most crucial part of the health-care industry: “Medical Inventory.”

What is the medical inventory?

Detailed list of itemized resources held by an organization or institution is called inventory. To make an inventory worthy, each and every asset of the organization should be maintained regularly to show the current status.

How to maintain an inventory

To achieve the goal of having an up-to-date account of resources held by an organization without any error or flaws at any given time, an inventory must be prepared. Depending on the changes in organization or its assets, inventory must be updated.

The information required for each item that has to be added in inventory is different in every health care facility, depending on their requirements. But there is a minimum amount of data has to be added in every inventory, even in the most basic ones.

Medical inventory data must include:

  • A unique identification number for each equipment
  • Identification of what the item is, using a nomenclature
  • The functions and purpose of the item should be described
  • The contact details of the manufacturer must be included, like name, address and contact number
  • The serial number and model of equipment that was assigned by the manufacturer
  • The physical location of equipment within the health care facility, like room number or storeroom information
  • The condition of the equipment must be included. If the equipment is operable or not
  • Mention if there are any special requirements to operate the equipment
  • Mention last date of data update of equipment and also the date when equipment added to the medical inventory
  • Details of supplier for future reorders or warranty replacements, etc.

Role of medical inventory

Rapidly increasing health–care technology is one of the most crucial elements of health-care, nowadays. It helps to diagnose and treat people, and it also helps in monitoring patients and giving them therapy in a protective environment. Medical inventory must be kept to maintain these services for safe and effective usage.