Things You Should Consider Before You Undergo a HSG Testing

Every couple wants a baby. Sometimes, after a long period of marriage life a woman is not able to get pregnant due to some complications in her body. Many parts of women’s body are responsible for having a baby. Your body has to go from ovulation process every month in which fallopian tubes have to be opened. If these parts are not working properly there would be difficulty in having a baby. There are some tests available for testing female fertility system. HSG Testing is one of the tests done for checking the women’s fertility system. This testing is totally based on radiology that’s why this test is done in radiology department of hospitals. This test takes twenty to thirty minutes. Doctor places a speculum in your vagina so that shape of your cervix and its opening can be visualized.

Nobody can confirm that there is fertility problem in the woman/man before fertility test. For male fertility system, semen analysis is very important. Many hospitals and institutes like Bloom Reproductive Institute are providing services for semen testing like providing professional advice and service for this test. For semen analysis doctors check the sperm count, movement, shape and other things to check man infertility. Your doctor can also take second test for confirmation because many infertile men have correct semen and sperm count in the first test. So, if the first report is normal your doctor can also take second test.

Things to know before HSG test

HSG is done to check whether the fallopian tube of woman is blocked. If it is blocked than women cannot get pregnant because sperms can’t meet the egg. This test also checks the shape of uterus because 15% women who have fertility problem suffer from abnormal shape of uterus. Shape of uterus can be fixed by surgery. There are so many things about which you have to consult with your doctor before HSG.

  • If you have any type of diabetic and kidney problem tell your doctor about it. There is a chance that the iodine dye used in this test can be harmful for people who have poor kidney function. In that case doctor has to do some blood test to check function of your kidney.
  • Before this test, you have to sign a form that you know the risk in this test.

After test precautions

After your test, your body doesn’t take much time to recover. You can do your daily work and normal activities from next day. You have to wear a pad for few days of this test because dye slowly leaks out from uterus. If you face any type of side effects, you may contact your doctor who done your test immediately. Fever, bleeding and pain are not normal so you should meet your doctor immediately for proper checkup.

This test is not a major procedure, some women feel easy to going back to their work after this test. Some time they feel bleeding and cramping all day. So it’s important for you to take a little time to recover yourself after test.