Three Situations that Require an Immediate Visit to your Dentist

Many people take their dental health for granted until they experience some problems. Although some issues are minor and can wait for a scheduled dental appointment, others are dental emergencies which require immediate care. But, how exactly would you know you must see your dentist right away? Below are some of the most common kinds of dental emergencies. Knowing about these will help you act right away when you experience them in the future.

Jaw Injury and Pain

When you experience this problem, you should call your dentist immediately and tell them about your emergency situation. Injuries in the jaw can impact your ability to chew food and talk. If you experience pain in your jaw, it might be because of other issues which require immediate care like serious tooth decay, advanced gum disease, or an infection. An immediate visit to your dentist at Pur will help in identifying the cause of the problem and getting prompt care for your pain and injury. Your dentist may give you treatment such as tooth extraction, gum disease treatment, a root canal, or antibiotics for an infection, depending on the underlying cause.

Serious Tooth Decay

Serious tooth decay can put you at risk of infections. If this happens, you may experience debilitating pain in the affected tooth. Also, the surrounding area might be swollen. Once infections occur, they can spread to other body parts when the bacteria enter your bloodstream. Simple tooth decay can become life-threatening when you ignore it, so ensure you see your dentist regularly for check-ups.

Knocked Out Teeth

There are many reasons you could lose a tooth. If you play some sports like hockey, you may be prone to have knocked out teeth. If this happens to you, visit a dentist right away to save your tooth. Pick up that tooth without touching a part of the root. Keep the knocked tooth in a clean and safe container and bring this to your dentist.

Cracked Teeth

When your teeth crack, bacteria can enter and increase your risk of developing an infection. If you happen to crack your teeth, rinse your mouth with warm water right away. You can also put a cold washcloth or icepack on the jaw to help in easing swelling. You can have your tooth repaired when you visit your dentist right away.

If you experience any of the conditions above, don’t wait to get the right treatment. Call your dentist right away and inform them you have an emergency situation.