Tips To Ensure Your Invisalign Treatment is Fast and Effective in Winnipeg

For individuals who are put off by the wire braces and the conventional metal brackets, Invisalign in Winnipeg is the best option. They prove to be convenient, less painful and, above all, discrete. They are the latest gift from dental technology. Given that they are relatively new, most people do not know how to handle them to ensure that they straighten their crooked teeth in the shortest time possible.

If you are one of those in awe of this technology, below are some tricks and tips that will help you get the best from your Invisalign.

Floss daily

Yes, you might be brushing on a daily basis. You probably do it twice or thrice a day. But the question is, do you floss on a daily basis? If you don’t, you should start if you intend to begin using Invisalign.

Why is this? Well, the aligners tend to accumulate gunk missed after brushing. After a while, your will have bad breath. To ensure that this does not happen, ensure you floss on a daily basis without fail.

Follow the 48-hour rule with utmost strictness

During the first 48 hours (two days) of every aligner tray, you should wear it for the longest time possible. Many cosmetic dentists in Winnipeg recommend that you remove them only when you are brushing your teeth. After brushing, replace them immediately.

Wear Invisalign for 22 hours daily

Invisalign in Winnipeg is efficient and has great results. However, to experience these results, you need to wear the Invisalign for the better part of your day. You should, at the very least, commit to wearing the trays for 22 hours daily. With this level of commitment, you will experience positive and fast results.

Change the aligners correctly and on time

It is essential that you follow the orders from your cosmetic dentist. If he/she tells you to change your aligners, then, by all means, change them. But if he/she tells you to retain them, do so. Putting in different trays before you are instructed to do so will not quicken the aligning process. If anything, it just might do more harm than good.

It feels weird, but it is normal

Some people say weird is the new normal. This is especially true for individuals wearing Invisalign. When you first wear Invisalign, it will feel weird. You will feel the aligners in the first couple of days pushing against your teeth. The pressure is not painful but all the same present and requires some getting used to. Once you have the aligners on for a couple of days, the feeling becomes part of you, and you notice it less.

There is a learning curve to your speech

The first time you have you put in the aligners, you will most likely speak with a lisp. It can be pretty uncomfortable, and you may be tempted to remove the tray. But contrary to what you might be feeling, keep the trays on and practice speaking with them. Like the pressure on your teeth, you will get the hang of your speech in no time.


The list of tips for using Invisalign is long and cannot possibly be exhausted in a short article. While it may feel like a challenge and possibly scary, bear in mind that Invisalign is not noticed by many and will as such not catch the attention of many people like the wire braces do, which can make you feel uncomfortable and like an outcast.

Above all, follow the recommendation and guidance of your cosmetic dentist. Speaking of which, be sure to pick the best from the sea of cosmetic dentists in Winnipeg.