Top 3 Reasons Why Hair Transplant is not recommended at a very young age

The hair transplant procedure is one of the concerning tasks in the plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure that sort out the problem of baldness permanently. The procedure is widely taken by the patients who are affected by genetic baldness of Androgenic alopecia. Scientifically, the hair transplant procedure is not allowed for the patients younger than 25 with genetic baldness due to donor area instability and the possibility of prospective hair loss with an extensive grade in NW class. The expert Surgeons recommends the hair restoration procedure once you attain the maturity stage, meaning you are above the age of 25 so that you will receive the best cosmetic goal of the procedure.

The hair transplant world attained a great success in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery world and now it is not just facilitated with the overseas, but India has also a separate space for providing the quality treatment of hair loss with hair transplant in Mumbai along with Jaipur, and Delhi. The hair transplant cost in Mumbai is a bit costly and therefore the patients of Mumbai are now heading towards northern state such as Rajasthan Delhi & to receive the procedure.

Top 3 Reasons Why Hair Transplant is not recommended at a very Young Age:

  1. Donor area Instability: In a very young patient, one cannot say about the stability of donor area because of the possibility of diffuse hair loss or Cicatricial alopecia in some patients. If a patient is underaged and having the effect of genetic baldness or Androgenic alopecia, it is better to wait until you cross the age 25 and then think about the hair transplantation. Instability of donor area cannot fulfill the cosmetic goal of the procedure and there will be the possibility of disappearance of transplanted hair over time.
  2. Early Hair Loss Means prospective Baldness with an Extreme Grade:

As early you experience the baldness, the more likely the baldness become extensive with NW class VI or VII. However, it is better to postpone the decision of hair transplant until you do not cross the age 25. In a person with significant hair loss with an increasing grade over time requires the good and healthy donor area to fulfill the cosmetic demand of the restoration procedure and hence the transplantation procedure is not recommended too early in order to save the respective donor area. An expert Surgeon uses the donor area very carefully in order to meet the cosmetic need of the procedure.

  1. The Needed coverage would not be Possible: Generally, the young people need the hair coverage on the area where the respective NW grade of baldness occurs and the hairline demand is very low. However, a young patient generally needs a head full of hair with a low hairline that cannot be possible if the procedure performed as early as there will be the possibility of prospective hair loss more severely with a severe grade of baldness, which needs a healthy donor area in the future and that must be preserved.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant only receives after an informative consultation with your hair transplant Surgeons that will meet the cosmetic demand of the procedure. The expert Surgeon allows the procedure once you attain the maturity stage.