Try Testosterone and See the Magic

Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone found in the testes of men, ovaries in women and the adrenal glands. This hormone helps in building muscle mass, gaining strength and improving the sex drive. Today you will come across a number artificial testosterone pills and injections that promises to boost the production of natural testosterone. The injectable form of testosterone is available in two versions namely testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. With age when the testosterone level drops, then you need to depend on this artificial steroid.

Go for the right dose

If you are excited about the results of taking testosterone for muscle mass, then you have to decide upon the cycle you need to follow and the right dosage. Since, the half-life of testosterone enanthate is shorter and leads to fluctuating results, hence testosterone cypionate has gained higher popularity amongst the bodybuilders. As a beginner, you can start off with 300 to 500mg of testosterone cypionate for a week. Some even prefer to break it and take at the interval of 3.5 days. This helps you in better regulation of the drug and leads to a steady performance. If you are a professional or an advanced user, then you can go for a dose of 700 to 1000 mg in a week. In order to avoid the harmful side effects associated with the intake of this steroid, you need to take it responsibly and for a shorter period of time.

Builds fast muscles

Testosterone drugs are not magic pills or injections. When it comes to conversion into the lean muscle mass, you should expect a practical outcome. When the level of testosterone is within healthy limits, it encourages the process of protein synthesis that adds strength to your muscle tissues. Basically, it is the repeated process of action and resistance that helps in building the bulk. In order to build muscles, you first have to damage them and then the body will eventually repair the tissues and build stronger ones. The hormone testosterone assists the body in surviving the continuous damage and growth. When you start working out, testosterone helps you to build fast muscles but that doesn’t indicate you would become huge right away.

Hit the gym

Many people have a wrong idea that if they start taking testosterone boosters, they can stop exercising. But this is not true. The fact is, artificial testosterone can help you gain muscle strength and size but can never act as a substitute for the regular workouts. To achieve the desired results a proper training program is highly essential. Few of the tips you can use in improving the results of taking testosterone for muscle mass are:

  • As per the research, you should start your workout with different types of compound lifts like overhead press, squat and bench press followed by less intensive movements.
  • Go for shorter and intense workouts as the level of testosterone reaches its peak at this time. Keep it for less than 60 minutes. Then take some rest and go for it again.
  • Practicing lifting methods like drop sets, negatives and forced reps helps to keep the intensity and testosterone level high.