Tummy Tuck – How Safe Is It? What Are The Risks Involved?

When you start to research plastic and cosmetic surgeries, you may learn more than you ever wanted to — coming across very detailed and thorough information about sutures and incisions can make these surgical procedures seem horrifying. Fortunately, your fears can be brought to ease as tummy tucks are low-risk and routine cosmetic surgeries.

Good Health Means Good Results

Healthy habits can make a big difference in the success of any surgery, but tummy tucks, in particular, are well-suited for people who take good care of their body. Most plastic surgeons agree that the ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is someone who has recently lost a significant amount of weight because the surgery is designed to remove excess skin and small, concentrated pockets of fat.

This means that the better shape you are in before your tummy tuck, the better your results will be. You will also need these healthy habits to maintain your slimmer figure after your surgery and recovery. Getting used to eating well and exercising before your tummy tuck is a smart tactic to achieve long-lasting results.

Avoiding smoking and drinking, eating nutritious foods and getting lost of sleep leading up to your surgery can greatly decrease your chances of complications arising such as infection, unwanted immune responses or bleeding.

Be Cautious When Selecting a Surgeon

Scheduling your tummy tuck with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Quinn who is a tummy tuck specialist, can make the single most significant difference in your surgery and your outcome. In your search for the right surgeon, you should make sure to find someone who is appropriately licensed and accredited and who is very familiar with the surgery you are receiving.

You should be able to meet with your surgeon in person before your surgery — this is a common practice called a consultation, and it is necessary to make sure that your surgeon understands what you want from your procedure and answers any questions you might have.

Your surgeon should make you feel comfortable, help you understand your procedure and be honest with you about expectations and their professional opinions. You should ask them about their experience, the number of abdominoplasties they have performed and their particular method of performing tummy tuck surgery.

You should also ask them to see a photo album of previous tummy tuck clients to make sure that you are satisfied with the way your surgeon’s typical results appear. When you choose a surgeon with the right expertise, you can rest assured that you will not be at risk during your tummy tuck surgery.

Honesty is the Best Policy

During your consultation, your surgeon will likely ask you questions about your health, your health history, your lifestyle and your goals for your tummy tuck. It is vital to your safety and your surgery’s success that you are completely honest with your surgeon. If you are not truthful about your ability to take time away from work to recover, you can increase your risk of having an adverse reaction to your surgery or preventing your body from healing properly.

Your surgeon’s primary concern is keeping you safe during your surgery, but they need to know as much about your health as possible to make sure your procedure goes smoothly.