Understanding the Symptoms and Treatment of Cheek Infection

Cheek disease is harmful especially children are vulnerable to this viral infection. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of its symptoms and treatment methods so that you can safeguard your kids from the effects of this virus.

What is cheek infection?

Cheek infection is contagious and viral. This infection can get transmitted via sneeze and cough apparently attacking your body. Most of the times, people caught unaware because it takes at least fifteen days before the virus can start to show its impacts.

This is often known as filth disease because it is one of those five viruses that cause red rashes; the other four are measles, rubella, rosella and scarlet fever. As mentioned earlier, it affects children but if you have never been exposed to this virus, then you can also get affected being an adult.


This virus takes a considerable amount of time before it could manifest its signs fully and that is why most of the times, it goes unnoticed. The infected kids and people start to feel miserable after two weeks. The symptoms include mild fever, lethargy, poorly tummy headache, sore throat, and itchy skin. Later, you will see red rashes on your kid’s cheek and slowly it will spread to arm, leg and other body parts causing unpleasantness.

What should you do?

Since it is a viral disease and broadly caused by the weakened immune system, it does not get cured by taking antibiotics. In most of the cases, the disease fades away and your child recovers after a few weeks; however, if your kid has other medical conditions that can potentially cause chronic anemia like sickle cell disease or thalassemia, then you should consult your doctor.

Since this disease attacks blood cells and bone marrow, it is potentially dangerous for the kids suffering from other chronic anemia causing medical conditions. The doctor can visually inspect your kid’s health condition and confirm the diseases. Once it is confirmed, make sure that you keep your kid at home and do not let them frequent the place where kids and pregnant women are likely to be found.

Pregnant women during the first twenty weeks of their pregnancy are likely to be infected and it could cause serious health complications too.

Treating this disease is easy; in fact, you can use the old school ways of using the medications that meant to reduce the impact of a sore throat. Most of these drugs are OTC (over the counter drugs). Ensure that your kid gets enough liquid so that he/she can remain dehydrated throughout the day. If the rashes become itchy, then you should consult your doctor to get some medicine.

Apparently, Cheek infection is not a lethal disease but it can be discomforting for your kids. At times, it can be painful too. Therefore, it is important that you keep your child under your supervision and if things start to look unpleasant, then consult your doctor and get your kid examined thoroughly before things get worse.