What You Should Understand About T3

T3 (triiodothyronine) is a thyroid hormone which plays an important role in the metabolic functions of the body. It affects almost every physiological process from growth and development to body temperature and heart rate. Production of T3 and T4 is activated by a thyroid-stimulating hormone released from the pituitary gland: It’s a cyclical process that stabilises thyroid hormones in the bloodstream. T3 and T4 are critical for maintaining thyroid function, it is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck. For most, the thyroid goes unnoticed until there is a problem with it.

T3 is created from the abundance of T4 in the body by a process called thyroid conversion, which is the method your body uses to regulate thyroid function in the body. It is used to create the exact amount of thyroid hormone needed by the body at any given time and for all body tissues.

T3 and T4 are often ignored by physicians as the causes of illnesses. They can be measured by routine blood testing, although the T3 levels in blood doesn’t necessarily correlate with the T3 levels in tissue. Each organ creates its own T3 dependant on its needs in the moment and that cannot be measured. Doctors often rely on TSH for diagnosis of thyroid issues but TSH alone isn’t enough. Rarely do doctors do a full thyroid panel or investigate further into the medical history. A reliance on TSH leaves millions of people undiagnosed and suffering as doctors assume the T4/T3 conversion is happening adequately so they don’t check the levels.

People who suffer from hypothyroidism have underactive thyroid glands and their T3/T4 conversion has ceased to work. This means that their bodies do not create enough hormones and they have a chronic deficiency. When you have hypothyroidism, it can be hard to diagnose and you yourself might not realise it. The symptoms come on slowly and some of them are misdiagnosed. For example, fatigue, weight gain, trouble thinking clearly, and a low mood are also all symptoms of depression. There can also be pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. Most of these are often not linked to thyroid issues and instead treated as causes and as symptoms of something else. Women may also have changes to their menstrual cycle.

Cytomel is a man-made version of T3; it works by replenishing the body’s natural levels. Once prescribed with a hormone replacement medication it is usually taken for life. Cytomel has uses beyond this, it can be used to test for thyroid function and diagnosis. It can be used as a supplementary treatment for thyroid cancer or goitres or even as an infertility treatment (if the infertility is caused by a thyroid issue). With the correct use of medication people who suffer from thyroid issues can lead full, productive lives. Cytomel is available here: https://internationalpharmacy.com/products/cytomel-tabs-liothyronine