When Is It worth to Opt for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Crooked teeth, chipped, broken or absent. Problems like these had no solution decades ago. If your teeth looked bad, you simply had to accept the idea that they would remain that way forever. Fortunately, dentistry has evolved considerably in recent years and what was previously not solved, today is something that can be fixed in one or two visits to the dentist.

Today, there are many natural resins and synthetic materials that emulate natural appearance of teeth. Before, if caries appeared, tooth extraction was the only alternative. Now, there are new techniques, such as root canal treatment, that allow the tooth to be preserved. Even loss of vitality and darkening of the treated teeth can already be dissimilar with new techniques and products.

Before, very few people gave well-deserved attention to their oral health. In fact, if we take a look at some photos of past decades, people proudly wore their huge yellow smiles. However, with arrival of social networks, that concept changed. Now you must wear a perfect smile and as white as possible to win the acceptance of millions of followers in the world.

In these modern times, cosmetic dentistry has experienced an unprecedented boom. Before, vast majority of patients of a Staten Island dentist, attended moved by a complication or simply couldn’t stand the pain. Most of them were middle-aged adults.

Instead, today the main reason that moves patients to visit a Staten Island dentist is aesthetics. Most of them are young people who don’t pass 27 years. Incredibly, social networks have started a kind of vanity cult. The more perfect you look; the more people will love you.

We cannot deny that social networks have helped us to connect better with other people; however, they’ve also made our society more superficial. Cosmetic dentists in Staten Island have registered an unprecedented number of visits to their consulting rooms in the last 8 years, the same that has been running Instagram since it was founded in 2010.

The most requested procedures are whitening, veneers and crowns. Before, film and TV figures, singers and supermodels, were the most common clients. Today, even a 12-year-old child wants to receive whitening so that the photos of his smile receive more likes.

It’s true that social networks have forced us to visit a dentist almost once a month, however, vanity shouldn’t be our main motivation to visit a dentist. Actually, we should all do it with the sole purpose of taking better care of our health.

Actually, priorities of cosmetic dentists in Staten Island are not people addicted to Instagram. Many of them offer their free services to help children with cleft palate to have a better life. To give a normal appearance to a person with hyperdontia. Or to alleviate pain of a person with a dislocated jaw.

The main purpose of cosmetic dentistry is not to feed a person’s ego by giving them whiter or perfectly aligned teeth. The main reason for this, as with all branches of dentistry, is to provide the patient with a better quality of life.