Why You Should Not Give Human Medicine To Your Pets

If you are serious about pet-proofing your home, you should make sure that everything that your pet consumes is intended for it. That includes medicines so make sure you get them from a pet pharmacist. Human medication is the leading cause of pets being poisoned. Whether it was consumed by accident or given to the pet in hopes of medicating them, it is important that you should only use pet medicines for your pets to avoid poisoning them. There is a high chance, depending on the human medicine used, that your pet can die from pet poisoning which is an easily preventable event if your home is pet-proofed properly.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause stomach issues in pets

NSAIDs like Advil and Aleve are easy to find in most households. Though they are safe for humans, they are incredibly dangerous for pet consumption. Intestinal ulcers and kidney failure are two conditions which the pet may experience if they ingest NSAIDs. Serious stomach issues may follow after the initial symptoms.

Antidepressants can elevate the heart rate of pets

Antidepressants such as Cymbalta, Effexor, Lexapro, and Prozac can affect the heart rate of a pet. An elevated heart rate may cause heart failure for a pet. Extreme changes in blood pressure and body temperature can be expected even after one pill. Though antidepressant drugs are used in pets, it is important to avoid casually giving pets these medicines unless specifically told by a vet.

Birth control pills can cause bone marrow suppression in pets

Birth control medicines in the form of estradiol, estrogen, and progesterone aren’t immediately dangerous when consumed by pets. However, if there is a large amount that was consumed by a pet, expected harmful effects may include bone marrow suppression. This is heavily apparent in birds. Estrogen poisoning is also a risk when exposed to birth control pills.

Vitamin supplements have different undesired effects when used by pets

Vitamin supplements that are not intended for pet usage may have undesired effects after being consumed. Allergic reactions both externally and internally may stem from vitamin supplements which are normally healthy for humans. Seizure, liver failure, and hypoglycemia are the worst that can happen when vitamin supplements are consumed by a pet unless the supplements were specifically designed for animals.

Human medicine containers are incredibly unsafe for pets

An often overlooked item when pet-proofing a home is the human medicine container itself. A container usually has, along with the pills, items like freshness packets. The manual and the cap may also be consumed by the pet if the cabinet is not pet-proofed. Other than the negative effects brought by human medicines to pets, the containers can also pose serious issues to the pet such as shards of it poking the mouth and throat of the pet.

Ensuring that your home is pet-proofed goes beyond food, toys, and barricaded locations. It is important that what you give to your pets as medicines are prescribed by a pet pharmacist. Not doing so can leave your pet at risk.

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