Winter Hydroponics Growing Advice: Keeping Your Tent Going

If you like many other people are now putting your outdoor growing efforts to bed in favour for more suitable winter indoor hydroponics you have come to the very best place, today we are here to provide leading tips and advice with the intention of enabling as many hydroponics growers as possible this winter to get the absolute most out of their growing tents and equipment.

Top Winter Grow Tent Tips

  • For those of you that don’t already know, heat rises, and this is no different inside of your grow tent. Because of this, during winter especially, you need to raise all of your grow pots containing grow upwards, placing them on a high table inside your grow tent so that your plants don’t freeze.
  • If you are a hydroponics growing beginner with not a lot of experience you should consider plants that are easy to grow in grow tents during winter. If you are unsure as to what these plants are you should contact your local hydroponics supplier for assistance.
  • You need to ensure that as much heat is able to stay inside your grow tent as possible during this time and therefore need to inspect your grow tent thoroughly to ensure that there are no gaps letting air in. You should pay close attention to the window and door frames of your grow tent.
  • To provide you grow tent with additional heat throughout the winter period you do not only need to ensure that you tent is home to the best quality grow lamps and lighting but you should also consider investing in a grow tent heater such as an oiled filled radiator from a hydroponics shop.
  • Instead of having your grow lights running during that day you should switch it so your grow lights are on at night and off during the day, this will allow your plants to be completely protected from the coldest temperatures.

If you want to ensure that you are able to access all of the best winter hydroponics products including Can Fans, as well as the best winter hydroponics growing advice, we highly recommend that you contact your local hydroponics supplier today whom we are sure will be absolutely delighted to help you – ensuring that you can grow as amazingly as possible this winter!